7 Top Current ICT Trends

The 2nd & ICT & ERP Trade Exhibition serving Malaysia & the ASEAN region


Be part of the ICT transformation wave.

ITX Asia 2013, in its second year running is the only B2B ICT and ERP Trade event connecting technology vendors, suppliers and consultants in Malaysia and across ASEAN region.

Capitalise on this unique opportunity to experience seamless on-boarding to the latest IT innovations. ITX Asia 2013 is the meeting place of the companies and specialists, delivering ICT products and services as well as buyers and decision makers.

The ICT industry is in the midst of unprecedented evolution, charting new achievements every now and then. Business can now leverage on state-of-the art technologies with greater economic functionality, enhanced efficiencies and cost-effective solutions.

Imagine the industry potential and be part of the technology evolution. Among the `Malaysia ICT Top 10 Predictions’ by IDC;

  1. ICT spending in Malaysia is projected to reach USD23 Billion in 2016 based on 6% CAGR.
  2. Social Media and Mobility have caused developing countries to move faster than ever, and spawned localized content creation to come to the fore.
  3. The phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an evolving present. Spending appears to favour the growth of enterprise mobility, underutilization is creating a deadlock to achieve the intended potential of the phenomenon.
  4. Innovation hunger will drive M2M (machine-to-machine) deeper into the market. It is predicted that market revenue of up to US$30 billion may be achieved in the coming years. IDC estimates that there will be more than 36 million devices in 2013, growing to 65 million by 2015 for Asia Pacific (excluding Japan).

Driven forward with focused B2B solutions perspective, ITX Asia 2013 is your avenue to reach out to your target customers with comprehensive ICT portfolio of business intelligence and innovation solutions.


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