Empowering businesses is what the SME Solutions Expo 2013 is all about. It is about getting connected to the right networks and positioning your business to the right people, at the right time, and in the right location. SME Solutions Expo 2013 takes your business to a new level of excellence, on a B2B basis. In our fifth year running, we bring to you integrated experience and business. After all, year after year, we are proud to showcase many returning companies which have achieved significant response in our past exhibitions and an amazing array of new exhibitors from diversified industries, each showcasing a wealth of products and services.
The event is set to draw top decision makers and purchasers not only from Malaysia but also from the rest of Southeast Asia as a one-stop centre to source for SME solutions, products and services!

This is indeed a not-to-be-missed opportunity to position your business within the right marketplace and to the right people. Make your mark now. Capitalise on reaching out to your customers and stand out from your competitors. The SME Solutions Expo 2013 is the ideal marketing and branding strategy to take your business one step ahead!


In the recent global financial crisis, SMEs remain the most resilient among all sectors. Many SMEs in fact, have not only maintained their momentum, but have in fact increased their capacity and capability. Now is the time to promote your products and services to SMEs! By creating a stronger presence, reaching out directly to business owners, and providing innovative solutions that suit the current economic climate – you will be able to not only endear yourselves to and entrepreneurs, but more importantly, create a lifelong business relationship that will pay for itself over and over again!

  • A platform for SMEs to discover international opportunities, exchange ideas and network.
  • A one-stop marketplace for products and services of SMEs.
  • An educational forum for sharing, learning and discovering.
  • A complete solution for SME marketers - meet business owners directly
  • A sourcing market for investors, fund managers and venture capitalist.